Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Yesterday While Waiting for the Bus...

[A tricked out Hummer H2 with dark windows pulls up to the red light in front of the bus stop]

Woman #1: Oooh look at Mr. Big Hummer over there. My psychology prof says that a truck like that indicates a classic overcompensation mechanism—a.k.a. he’s probably got a tiny penis.

Woman #2: Ha ha! You can’t argue with science. [she makes the “little sign” with her thumb and forefinger]

[The Hummer’s tinted window is lowering]

Woman #1: Oh shit, he saw you!

[Driver turns out to be a frumpy woman in her late-50s]

Woman #2: Uh, well even though that's a woman, she’s probably got a tiny penis anyway.

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