Thursday, May 24, 2007

So wrong it's wrong, then right again

It's wrong to find this funny, right?

Shape magazine wants us to get gym-raped

Granted, publishing is a competitive business – but what possible motivation could Shape Magazine have for this? Hope this kind of thing doesn’t somehow drive up their ad-buy rates.


Anonymous said...

Even the basic bench press has its sexual tension. Once while spotting a large man from CT, I accidently Tea-bagged him. He began laughing, and then gagging as he cried out "I could smell your ball sweat."

Paul said...

Nick, that’s pretty horrible. But sometimes bad teabags just happen to good people.

Gyms are a seething cauldron of barely sublimated desire. Everyone’s barely dressed; looking fit; sweating; grunting and I can’t imagine there’s any piece of gym equipment that people haven’t imagined having sex on. There are even poles and mirrors for cry sake!

Nick said...

Ok...lets get the truth bags were teaed...but ball sweat was smelt...and it was bad.

i won't say whose balls they were, let me just say its a bit ironic that a man who demands attention to detail in cleaning forgot to clean his balls for what must have been seven months.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of gym rape...i always worry about that when doing the hamstring curls. face down, butt in the air, and after maxing out having your legs pined down so that a burly man could easily remove my speedo and have his way with me...