Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Abraham Lincoln Etiquette

Apparently there are few photos of Abraham Lincoln and none of him at Gettysburg. But now this image just popped up. A new, never-seen before photo that provides conclusive new photo-evidence of Lincoln at Gettysburg before giving his famous Address. How can this picture be anything else?And as a bonus, if you look carefully you can see the Lochness Monster behind the stagecoach (driven by Bigfoot).

Orgy Etiquette in Realtime

Been a fan of the non-fiction side of the Onion AV Club for some time…for some reason this DVD review of Nina Hartley’s Guide To The Perfect Orgy got buried in their “blog” section. This review deserves to live!

Tip #12. Know When to Call it a Day when everyone reaches the same level of “pleasurable exhaustion.” then it’s time to consider wrapping up the orgy.

So wait, if everyone’s worn out and ready to go home, but one couple is still totally going at it, everyone has to wait until they’re done? I can just picture a couple in their coats, holding a small duffle bag with their supplies in hand, keys in the other, silently glaring at the remaining participants. “Fucking blow already! We’ve got to get back for the babysitter!”

I give this DVD review a positive review. It captures the essence of Nina Hartley’s Guide To The Perfect Orgy and lets readers know the pros and cons of purchasing said DVD, which in turn lays out the pros and cons of those little nicities that make a friendly orgy so rewarding. Like thank-you notes.