Monday, May 21, 2007

Seattle Eccentrics are World-Class Eccentrics

We may not be the world’s largest or richest or sunniest city, but we can go toe-to-toe with New York, LA and London when it comes to local crazies. Duct-Tape Guy sighting from the Stranger's local sightings column:

I was in Home Depot to get a key made. As I’m looking around for an employee, I spot a somewhat homeless-looking man wearing a mask. This mask was made entirely of duct tape. It had holes for his eyes and mouth (picture Dr. Doom) and a clear safety shield, which was in the upright position. This guy walks up to an employee and asks, “What aisle is the duct tape on?” Oh my freaking god, am I dreaming this? Apparently I was not dreaming, because that same employee ended up making my key for me, and he wouldn’t shut up about the duct tape guy. Since then, I’ve shared this story with friends and co-workers, and I’ve heard of many sightings. Does anyone know what this guys story is?? I gotta know.

He hangs around the UW Campus and during the summertime he's also known as Beekeeper-Guy. For his full on beekeeper garb.


jon said...

This is actually not an uncommon phenomenon. Duct-tape as you know holds many special properties (see any episode of MacGuyver). In psychiatric patients duct tape is often used to block out thought insertion from others. It can also help filter out ideas of reference and influence. As a side note, the acidic nature of the adhesive works as an excellent wart remover. But remember from Breakfast Club that if you are using it to tape someones buns together, do not choose a victim who is hairy.

Paul said...

Maybe duct tape is the new tin foil?

There's also a guy round here who dresses up as Link (from Legend of Zelda) and get enraged when people mistake him for Peter Pan. And he's a large man.