Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Overcompensation Pt. 3

In regards to yesterday's post, this comic says it without using words.

(click to enlarge your manhood)

I love the smug, confident expression on the guy in panel #4. And that in panel #5, even the smiling dog knows what's really going on.


jon said...

This is a pretty bias add. It makes no mention of the newest hummer, the H3. This is a smaller version of big brother H2 and is designed for those who need more head room. Although on average the H3 buyer is less than average, he still has major bragging rights over low man on the pole...H2.

Paul said...

As I understand it, the H3 is just a Hummer body welded onto some regular truck chasis...Tahoe maybe. So the whole ruggedness off-road thing is truly a sham with H3