Friday, March 16, 2007

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Like many Americans, 67 million and counting, I'm part Irish. That's why I'm so offended after reading this ...

Myth: Shamrocks are associated with the holiday because St. Patrick used them as a teaching tool for the pagan Celts he converted to Christianity. The Shamrock's 3 leaves symbolize the holy Trinity.

Reality: Shamrocks were just the first things Patrick saw when he woke up face down in a field after a particularly bad bender.

He's the one Saint most associated with our land and our people and the Internet just disrespects him like a common Italian Saint. And that's just the distasteful beginning of the 13 Common Myths of St. Patrick's Day


HogWild said...

The only person more outraged than you at this FILTH is me.

But this
communist manifesto
is even more revolting. How dare they destroy the $1 bill! Why don't they just assassinate George Washington?! Pinko bastards.

Paul said...

Agreed and agreed! I just think it’s completely wrong for the new coins to replace Washington and Lincoln with Stalin and Lenin. And exchanging our eagle with a picture of a potato was just adding insult to injury.

Those bastards at the US Mint have broken America’s heart—broke it with hammer and sickle.