Friday, April 6, 2007

Microsoft Vista - Hasta La Vista, Baby

Regarding Microsoft Vista. Got it, and it sucks.
To summarize the key points here: Vista sucks. You don’t need Vista unless you need more suck in your life.

Like a dinosaur, it’s big and slow. Like a mosquito, it’s pestering you with unnecessary prompts. Doing mundane things like installing software, it’ll stop 3 times and ask you for permission to continue. Much like a high school make-out session.

And as an extra bonus, it doesn’t like you to copy copyrighted music and whatnot. It’s like installing a stern mother on your hard drive, a mother who’s always shaking her head in disapproval at the things you’re doing.

If Vista were free, it’d be overpriced.

Looking back on Microsoft's Vista ad campaign, we should've known there'd be trouble.

The real official slogan is: The “Wow” Starts Now.

As in wow, I can’t believe how much this software sucks.

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