Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Microsoft Launches Ad Campaign for Windows Replacement

Microsoft is planning to spend $500 million on a new marketing campaign promoting its upcoming “Vista” operating system, which is slated to replace the ubiquitous Windows on PCs worldwide. Many industry-watchers are asking how that money will be spent. Here's the breakdown:

$100 million -- Hiring basketball superstar LeBron James for Vista ads—so consumers know which computer operating system will get them into the NBA.

$75 million -- Bill Gates to host elaborate potlatch for his business rivals--shaming of Steve Jobs with generous gifts of smoked salmon, beads and peripherals.

$55 million -- Sunday newspaper ad campaign: “Vista: While you slept last night, we went ahead and installed it on your computer”

$60 million -- Radio ad campaign: "Vista. Powerful. Flexible. Mandatory.”

$2 million -- Installing version 2.01 car bombs for both “Mac Guy” and “PC Guy”

$120 million -- TV ad campaign: For no discernable reason, grainy home-video footage of Bill Gates having sex.

$88 million -- Call from your parents ad campaign “Vista: It’s For Your Own Good”

Phase II: “Vista: We’re Telling You--Not Asking You”

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