Thursday, February 1, 2007

The Super Broker Shuffle

Apparently the Chicago Bears are going back to the Super Bowl. Last time they went in 1985, they weren’t just a team, but a cultural phenomenon. Having lived through 1985, I can attest that even an oblivious kid could not escape Bears on TV, Bears on the radio, Bears in car advertisements. I think they did something for McDonalds.

The pinnacle of their cultural relevance was undoubtedly “The Super Bowl Shuffle”. Before the big game, most of the entire team participated in a group “rap” with much shuffling awkwardness. It was on the radio, it was on MTV. It was everywhere.

The track even reached #41 on the Billboard charts. It was a confusing time for all of us.

As awkward as it was seeing ham-fisted athletes act like musicians/dancers, it was soon eclipsed by the SUPER BOWL of AWKWARD later that year. I refer of course, to the lesser-known “Super Broker Shuffle”. Unfortunately this never made the Billboard charts:

There are really no words to describe this further.

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Paul said...

Oh, there is one more word: awkward.