Monday, February 26, 2007

NYTimes says: Don't Go to College, You Dumbasses

The NY Times argues that college might not be worth it for everyone:

“I just think that we need more of our kids going to school,” said Rep. Roscoe Bartlett.

But given that 45% of U.S. high-school graduates already enroll in four-year colleges, how dire can this “need” be?...Not all school-children have the intellectual capacity to reach “basic achievement” levels. In college, similar limitations apply. The number of Americans with the brains to master the most challenging college classes, is probably closer to 15% than 45%.

If you're one of the lucky 15% who can read words and sentences, then Check it out here. (via Slog)

For the rest of us, where do we go? If only there was a fully accredited College of Colorful Pictures and Shiny Objects.

The article does rightly point out that there are many non-educational benefits to college. A big one is networking for future business contacts. Also, if you carry a light class load it can serve as a de facto retirement from the working grind before you’re too old to enjoy it. A nice little “pre-tirement” if you will. And statistically, there’s no better place to find your future spouse and current not-quite-a-spouse-if-you-get-my-drift then during your university years.

But as for book learning, the author might just have a point: 4 years will not prepare one properly for ANY type of job. Or make one well rounded with ANY proper roundedness. On graduation day, your computer skillz are already outdated; your German philosophers are already long dead; and the student loans start getting called back in.

To solve the problem, we just need to agree that College is like the new High School. Graduate School is the new College.

And High School, as always, is a filthy animal holding pen.

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