Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Along with the paperless workplace, remember how like in 1998 Videophones were going to revolutionize work so much that you wouldn’t even have to go into the office? That was a great prediction, except that it never happened. Now the same people are predicting that Telepresence is going to revolutionize work so much so you wouldn’t even have to go into the office!

From the Economist:

People in telepresence meetings appear life-sized and the tables and rooms at the two ends to blend together seamlessly. (Rooms, furniture and even wallpaper are often identical, to aid the illusion.) People feel that they are making eye contact, which involves multiple cameras and enormous computing power. The delays in sight and sound must be negligible (ie, below 250 milliseconds, the threshold at which the human brain starts to notice), so that people can interrupt each other naturally. Sounds are perceived to come from the direction of the person speaking.

Bottom line: business people are unlikable. Even to each other. So naturally the world needs an invention that keeps as many of them out of the same room as possible.


Nick said...

I would be cool to be the boss at one of those meetings. you could make yourself to be 7 feet tall and built like hulk hogan, while wearing gladiator garb. that sure would intimidate those fools in marketing to follow your plans for world domination.

Paul said...

I like the Corporate Gladiator image. I’m going to use the same 7-foot screen trick to intimidate the mourners at my funeral who weren’t expecting a pre-taped message with ghost sound effects.

Nick said...

hate to tell you this paul, but likely would only cause the mourners to laugh. now, if you had a seven foot holographic penis come out of your casket with "Thus Spake Zarthurstra" that would be intimidating.

especially when the apes start cracking skulls!

Paul said...

I was thinking the impact of the video-message would be more fond remembrance (for adults) and pants-shitting terror (for the kids).

But I see your point; a talking video might just look corny. When family members pay their last respects, they cling to their memories…so giant holo-penis is the way to go! I already put a deposit down for the ape-handlers and smoke machines.