Thursday, September 13, 2007

Million-Dollar Invention

Sorry this post isn’t for everyone; just rich investors who want to get super-rich by funding this sure-fire million-dollar business idea. Now I ask potential investors to consider these facts. According to a recent survey of the U.S. Economy*, all new business is concentrated in just 3 booming sectors: ink-jet cartridge refills; pirated copies of Microsoft Vista; and male enhancements.

Focusing on the latter it becomes obvious that the American male has only 3 things that keep him from perfect contentment in life: insufficient lengthiness, improper girthiness and inadequate lasting power. You ever hear about killing two birds with one stone? Well how about a large stone that kills all three!

The Invention: Fat Condoms

The Production Sketch:
The Pitch: Women have unfairly enhanced their beauty for centuries with make-up, shapely undergarments and breast implants. Now it’s time to level the playing field—with science! Fat condoms are like regular condoms, but technology makes them fatter. Nobody has to know your real dimensions, not while wearing spandex bike shorts and definitely not the woman you love!

OK there it is, that’s the product. The business plan should pretty much write itself and we can rake in the $$$$. Let’s make this happen people!

*According to the most comprehensive business survey ever conducted of my Spam folder

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