Tuesday, January 30, 2007

World’s Oldest Person Dies Just Four Days after Becoming World’s Oldest Person.

Showing once again that the elderly simply don’t have the same strong work ethic of our generation. Do you think a motivated person in their 20s would give up a World Record after only 4 days? Especially if all they had to do was lay on their back?

Shortest ever reign for world's oldest person

"World's oldest person" was never likely to be the safest berth in the Guinness
Book of Records, but the title's escalating attrition rate has now claimed its
own place in the famous tome - "shortest ever reign as world's oldest person".

Emma Tillman, 114, a former nurse to Katharine Hepburn, was born to former slaves and lived to see 21 American presidencies.

Sadly, however, she lived to see little of her own "presidency" in the records book as she died
at a nursing home on Sunday - just four days after becoming the world's
oldest-known living person.

According to Robert Young, senior consultant for gerontology for Guinness World of Records, in dying so soon, Miss Tillman set a new record as her reign was the shortest so far recorded.

So she set a record, then she set another record concerning her record. Now she just needs another record about setting a record about setting a record* and she’ll be in the Guinness Book of Recursive Records.

*Like woman with the Most Shortest-lived World Records. Plus the Largest Beard Made out of Bees.

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