Saturday, January 13, 2007

Surge is Like Totally Awesomextreme

This week President Bush announced a new plan for winning the Iraq war, a “surge” of 21,500 troops added to the existing 132,000.

Surge is an extreme product geared towards today’s active young man—whether he currently skates, snowboards or surfs—he’ll have a jolt of Surge in his future.

Facts about Surge:
  • Surge can be habit-forming. Like Lay’s, a president can’t have just one.
  • The President wants to introduce it soon—citing the popularity of Mt. Dew’s Islamic Code Red.
  • Early marketing research indicates it may not be very popular with women, men, Americans, foreigners, generals and especially the important 18-24 year old Reservist demographic.
  • Surge can cause sleeplessness and health problems, especially for the 18-24 year old Reservist demographic.

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