Friday, June 22, 2007

Invention: SalvationBots

I invented this back during the original Transformers craze. Who’s getting left out here? Evangelical Christians, that’s who. A lot of parents I knew growing up wouldn’t let there kids play with “secular” toys because they feared they were a gateway for the devil’s influence. And Transformers didn’t allay their fears any because of those vaguely demonic-looking icons.

I felt bad for my evangelical classmates, who so badly wanted Transformers, but couldn’t have them. So I thought of a way to help them (and make millions $$$ tapping a niche toy market). The answer: The SalvationBots™. Imagine the everyday objects you have around the house: a crucifix, a pillow-sized Bible, rosary beads, another crucifix.

Now imagine that those objects not only help you enter the kingdom of heaven….but…they also TRANSFORM into powerful fighting robots! They’d fight a righteous battle with the evil TempationCons™ armed with FaithBlasters™. Here’s my crude production sketch for Soul Winner Prime™

Anyway, contact me if you want to invest in this. Serious replies only!

P.S. Bonus awesome image from the internet:


Nick said...

Jazz is no longer a porsche
megaton is no longer a phallic symbol
(btw how was a phallic symbol your mom?)

i think michael bay needs some salvation bots quickly.

but salvation bots wouldn't last very long...cause the dinobots would destroy them, and they couldn't defend themselves since they don't believe in dinobots cause they weren't in the biblebot.

Paul said...

The vehicles are all messed up now. In hindsight it seems a little weird that my Mom was so phallic, hopefully a therapist can earn his paycheck on that one.

Good call about the dinobots...although according to the new $27 mile Creation Muesuem that opened up, dinosaurs were on Noah's Ark...and the T-Rex's were vegetarian back then!