Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The 300 / Novelty Parking

#1 Ordering movies at the library...the Seattle library has a great electronic reservation system, but you have to wait your turn. Placed an order in for the violent CGI spectacle "The 300" and got this message: "There are 338 active holds ahead of you". So it took less men to actually fight the battle of Thermopylae in 480 B.C....than are ahead of me in line.

Seems oddly ironic, like how it cost more money to make "Titanic" than it took to make the Titanic.

#2 Been mildly irked by these kinds of novelty parking signs lately:

I've been driving around for days looking for a place to park and whenever there's an open spot I don't qualify for it. Really need more hobbies and/or ethnicities, otherwise I'll keep getting these novelty parking tickets.

Anyway, coming into work today I notice one: "Parking for GodSmack Fans Only". Which seems odd, the people who buy these signs are more typically the "World's Best Grandpa" type and less typically into moshing with GodSmack. Searching for a deeper meaning, what this sign really says is, the owner of this house has tragically lost all taste in music.

Basically it's a Handicapped Parking Sign.


Real Fisherman said...

I'm a Catfisher whocan't stand them Walleye guys. They think they're sooo great. We'll I parked in your special spot beo-yatches.

Nick said...

What about browneye fisherman?
why can't they get a spot!
or brown trout fisherman!

Paul said...

They get a spot too, it's just for compacts.

Nick said...

I guess you back into it.

Paul said...

Ha ha! And sometimes you get it for free, sometimes you pay for it.