Tuesday, October 2, 2007


In this old-time advertisement from 1932, a helpful shaving company explain the real reason for joblessness--in the middle of the Great Depression—was actually facial hair.

This kind of ignorance has been going on for a long time: the war on beards.

It’s been hard out there for men who choose the facial hair lifestyle. The media perpetuates negative stereotypes; bearded men face societal prejudice; and job opportunities are severely limited. For the moustache: cop, fireman, or gay porn actor. No other options exist. Likewise a full beard limits your career options to: the Unabomber, a melancholic professor, or Santa Claus. And there’s not much money in any of them.

The discrimination has gone on long enough. The recent Beard and Moustache Championships is here to challenge that and most of all to bring the pride back.

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Nick said...

So, are you trying to tell us that you're not a gay porn actor?

I guess, technically, you're not an actor, because what you do on those tapes is hardly acting.

Paul said...

I'm deeply offended -- my portrayal of Shirtless Pizza Delivery Boy #2 made Spielberg cry and almost got an Adult Oscar nomination.

Nick said...

True, you made Steven Spielberg cry...but not the director, but the actor whose stage name is King Cobra, due to a physical abnormality on his penis.

And the only reason you made him cry is because you were dick number 4 in the quadrupal action scene...the proverberial dick that split the camel's anus.

And you Adult Oscar was for "Bloodiest Sex Scene"